Akos Distribution

The best software platform for office products and jan/san dealers.


Akos Distribution Solution

Our powerful new solution offers seamless advanced distribution capabilities, supporting the unique needs of office products and jan/san dealers. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Akos Distribution is flexible, modern and user-friendly.

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Our solution includes

  • telephone-operator-4682_c9489618-836b-47ec-8489-e15f613cb10c

    Customer Service

    Akos workplace is your new go-to place to manage all your customer service tasks.

  • catalogue-3486_c2a26e09-cb1c-4c1c-99cd-420ecaf5173b

    Purchasing, Sourcing and Replenishment

    Be in the driver’s seat of your sourcing workflow.

  • dollar-badge-2239_40628e9a-63f1-4ed8-bcfd-8d6db221db0e

    Pricing and Costing

    Ease your pricing and costing updates with our custom-made price plans and adjustments.

  • chart-2336_49af9344-4b52-4e05-b16f-81a0baa82a4b

    Order and Product Management

    Maintenance of catalogs, items, product substitutions and more.

  • package-delivered-2312_17814d8b-9916-4be1-b4c7-2a636c4f081e

    Warehouse Management

    Streamline your logistics, monitor your on-hand inventory.

  • computer-network-1878_39828809-88f9-48e1-9a76-61c99401ec99

    Integration Framework

    Integrate your eCommerce, wholesalers, electronic payments.

Features overview

Our solution is the right partner for your distribution business

  • Customer Service

    Customer service workspace: use Akos workspace as you go-to place to manage all customer service tasks.

    Print Customer invoices: preview and generate invoices to send to your customers

  • Purchasing

    Purchasing workspace: use Akos purchasing workspace to manage your purchasing process
    Trade agreements: create trade agreements based on customer, item, or category
    Vendor minimums: establish your vendor minimums parameters to optimize your shipping

  • Sourcing

    Custom-made sourcing engine: our sourcing engine delivers a cohesive wide range of sourcing calculations and vendor sequences to help you take the most efficient decisions
    Wholesaler purchase orders: allow purchase only for items that have trade agreements
    Inventory Surplus: configure automatic protection for inventory quantities from a specific warehouse
    Wholesaler Stock Check: view in real time your wholesaler on-hand inventory

  • Pricing and Costing

    Cost multipliers: use our cost multiplier tool to setup a custom cost for your items. Assign cost multipliers to groups of items, customers, vendor and/or warehouses
    Price plans and adjustments: use our advanced pricing solution to control your current pricing, update pricing lists, create and assign discounts, define price groups by items, customers and/or order types

  • Replenishment

    Forecast demand and reorder point: forecast and adjust monthly product demand

  • Warehouse Management

    Load shipments screen: control all your logistic decisions from our new load workspace
    Default delivery mode: define default modes of delivery by geographical location

  • Product Management

    Master catalog management and vendor catalog updates: effortless update of your master catalog. From one-screen manage changes in price , product reference, unit of measure and item status.
    Item maintenance: keep track of all item updates using our item journals
    Item information templates: create and assign product information templates in one click
    Product Substitutions: setup hard and soft automatic substitutions for out of stock items, lower price, priority items

  • Order Management

    Open and backorder sales lines workspace: have access to all sales lines that require your attention. reports, statistics and summaries
    Optimized sales order screen: customized screen with built-in functionality for order process, sourcing, custom cost, web integration, spawn order lines
    Optimized payment methods: credit card, deposits
    Inventory Reservation: use our inventory reservation tool to reserve all open sales order lines and transfer lines in just one-click

  • Integration Framework

    Integration framework workspace: control all transmissions between your ecommerce, add-ons, vendors and D365 through our Akos workspace
    Ecommerce integration: non-intrusive integration with D365.
    Credit card payment integration: flexible integration with your electronic payment provider
    Wholesaler integration: manage all your vendor transmissions (purchase orders, ) with Akos Integration

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